Air conditioning and heating systems

Gree Electric Appliances, Inc., founded in 1991, is the world’s largest air conditioner enterprise integrated with R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service. Eslat AS is the authorized distributor and local stockist of the complete range of Gree RAC/CAC and VRF systems.

Air conditioning and heating systems

Remko GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1976, has large experience in innovation, production and service of air conditioning and heating systems. Uncompromising quality and first class expertise has put Remko on the map of European leaders in the field of air conditioning, heating and new forms of energy.


Residential ventilation systems

Titon Hardware Ltd, founded in 1972, is a long established UK company specialising in ventilation systems. Titon’s ventilation systems division is dedicated to the design, manufacture, supply and specification of ventilation systems primarily for domestic use. Due to continual improvement within its ventilation systems division Titon offers a competitive range of mechanical ventilation products.

Residential ventilation systems

Ensy AS was founded in 1903 and during the years developed large sales network covering European and Scandinavian markets. Products were delivered under Pyrox, Frico, Systemair and Villavent brands. Since 1970 around 225,000 AHU units were manufactured and delivered to European and Scandinavian markets. Today product development is located at Ensy headquarters in Jaren, Norway.

Smart-home and energy-efficient solutions

Melissa Climate Ltd is a young and innovative IoT company developing smart-home and energy-efficient solutions mainly for cooling and heating systems.




Smart-home and heating-automation solutions

AirPatrol OÜ is an innovative company based in Tallinn, Estonia, specializing in smart automation solutions. All products are developed and manufactured in Estonia, which guarantees uncompromised quality and utmost attention to details. AirPatrol products have been thoroughly tested for several years in harsh Scandinavian conditions with continuously positive feedback from end-users.

Insulated copper pipes for air conditioning and refrigeration

Zetaesse SpA, established in 1973, instantly became a market benchmark in plumbing after introduction of the first pre-insulated copper tube named "CuPex", the brand that gave start to the energy-saving era. Today Zetaesse is also producing crosslinked polyethylene foam and multilayered pipes.


Plain copper pipes for air conditioning and refrigeration

Feinrohren SpA, founded in 1959, is today one of the world leading copper and capillary tube manufacturers thanks to dedicated policy towards the production of first grade quality products capable of remaining continuously innovative and in line with the constant research of performance improvement.


Condensate removal pumps and HVAC accessories

The achievements and success of Aspen Pumps Ltd has been built by the hands-on experience of installation engineers and has grown into the market leader in condensate removal. Aspen’s continuous focus is to make the installer’s life easier and to offer the most reliable condensate removal pumps.


Condensate removal pumps

BlueDiamond® condensate removal pumps are designed, developed and tooled in house, meeting strict approach to quality. Strong team of R&D engineers is dedicated to designing a range of pumps and accessories that not only benefit the end-user but also the installer. Offering a new approach to efficiently, quietly and reliably remove large quantities of condensate, BlueDiamond's R&D department has an eye for detail, meaning all products purchased are of a very high standard.

AC&R tools, materials, brackets and solutions

Climaco Sweden AB is a Swedish wholesaler specializing in installation materials, tools and instruments for refrigeration and heat pump industry. Climaco Sweden has been operating in the fridge and heat pump industry since 2002 with a mission to provide Nordic market with high-quality and fast-mounted assembly parts.



Heating cables

Calorflex Srl produces over 550 different types of electrical resistances and heating elements of the highest quality characterized by high-performance and competitive price. Calorflex has gained trust and renown among a great number of customers, both in Italy and abroad, who consider it a cutting-edge company for its technical expertise, productive capacity and customer service.


Brackets and supports for air conditioning systems

Rodigas Srl has roots back to 1958 when methane gas was originally imported in northern part of Italy. The company promptly began production of burners to convert old wood and coal stoves into modern gas cookers. Overtime gradual reduction in the availability of specialised manpower and general market oversaturation led the company to convert its production from gas cookers to air conditioning and photovoltaic fixing systems including highly reliable Lizard safety systems.

PVC trunking and fittings for air conditioning systems

Inoac Corporation, established in 1954, began as a manufacturer of bicycle tires and tubes in early 1926 under Inoue Rubber Co., Ltd. As time passed, Inoac Corporation gradually became an international conglomerate and general supplier of various products made of polyurethane, rubber, plastic and other materials. Inoac Corporation was also a pioneer in production of PVC trunking for air conditioning systems and managed to maintain outstanding market positions on a global scale even today.

AC&R professional cleaning and maintenance chemicals

Advanced Engineering Ltd, established in 1982, is the recognised market leader in the manufacture and supply of coil cleaners and service equipment to the air conditioning and refrigeration industry.




Components and accessories for air conditioning and ventilation

Tecnogas Srl, founded in 1985, has a wide and diverse range of products in the field of components and accessories for air conditioning and ventilation systems. Among revolutionary new products is the Fast Pipe - thermalplastic multilayer pipe replacing traditional copper tubes in a more flexible and smart way.


ThermaSmart®PRO insulation and Flexalen piping systems

Thermaflex Izolacji Sp. z o.o., founded in 1976, is a leading solution provider of special pipes and insulation systems made from environmentally friendly polyolefines.

ThermaSmart®PRO product data sheet: ENG / EST
Flexalen piping systems: ENG
Flaring and swaging tools

Using an innovative technology, swaging and flaring Spin Tools are a new concept in HVAC industry, ready to quickly flare/expand any copper or aluminum tube in just few seconds.

Wooden covers for outdoor units

Varmepumpehus™ wooden covers are being developed and produced in Baltics and throughly tested in Nordic countries to ensure proper protection and airflow in harsh Northern weather conditions. All covers are made of coniferous impregnated wood, are easy-to-assemble, ready-to-paint and flat-packed.

Hot-galvanized ground frame for outdoor units

Hot-galvanized ground frame has simple and robust structure to ensure fast on-site assembly. It can handle outdoor units up to 250kg and be adjusted in any width from 430 to 750mm with fixed upper depth of 455mm vs base depth of 600mm and height of 550mm. Supply kit includes self-fixing nuts for vibration dampers and plastic caps for front profiles.